We are a London based, 360 video production company and immersive content agency creating 360 video content and XR for global production companies, agencies, brands, start ups and emerging media channels. Our productions range from a single 360 video to developing the strategy, creative and end to end production for a global interactive 360 video campaign. 

We are a co-operative of seasoned filmmakers, brought together by filmmaker David Betteridge, bringing years of storytelling experience to the medium of cinematic VR. As part of content production agency CITIZEN B we are supported by a production department with backgrounds in commercials, branded content, TV and documentaries. In other words we are grown ups.

Our original content studio develops 360 documentaries, 360 immersive drama and interactive 360 video storyscapes, winning awards across the global festival circuit.

We love what we do and have collectively decided that 360 Video and Cinematic VR is what we are going to do with the rest of our working lives.